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Feminist Futures is an ongoing collaborative project created
by Caitlin Conlen and Paisley Smith. We created a world building system to harness the powers of collaborative imagination within our feminist community by envisioning – as a group – a distant feminist future.

World building is a design methodology that is often used to create sci-fi, fiction and fantasy narratives in film, video games, and literature. It is a practice in which a holistic world is designed, from which then an infinite number of narratives can be generated.

World Building Institute Director Alex McDowell explains the core concepts of world building:

“World Building is founded on three beliefs, namely that storytelling is the most powerful system for the advancement of human capability due to its ability to allow the human imagination to precede the realization of thought; that all stories emerge logically and intuitively from the worlds that create them; and that new technologies powerfully enable us to sculpt the imagination into existence.”

Much of our feminist community is involved in work that challenges the injustices and power abuses of today; there is endless work to do in these areas. We believe that another important act of resistance is the re-creation of our future – an active process of imagining a world that reaches beyond
patriarchal and racist ideologies of the past. By flexing our abilities to steer and mold the direction of the future, we reject the role as passive “recipients”. In her book Octavia’s Brood, Walidah Imarisha states that “the decolonization of the imagination is the most dangerous and subversive form there is: for it is where all forms of decolonization are born. Once the imagination is unshackled, liberation is limitless.”  

This is the premise of a series of workshops created by Conlen and Smith which use the tenets of world building as a tool for the communal design of a feminist utopia in Los Angeles, 200 years in the future. 

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